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“Death Valley: A Love Story” is a film about grief and loss based on the stage play by Sandra Fenichel Asher.

Created by Natural Light Films and sponsored by the Samaritan Counseling Center, this film is an emotionally honest exploration of love, loss and the grieving process. Additionally, it illustrates the powerful role of creative expression in restoring balance and hope.

This film about grief was inspired by the real journals of therapists and artists Carol Emerson and David Nutter.

It begins with the ecstatic days of new love, which all too quickly transition to a diagnosis of cancer and the trials of chemotherapy. Viewers journey with Carol through the peaks and valleys of renewed and dashed hope, the agonizing recognition of David’s imminent death, and the depths of sorrow and loss that followed.

The music David loved and selections from his photography, along with the colors and textures of Carol’s art and the mindful whisperings of her journal entries, weave throughout the film.

This artistry of this film about grief traces the course of loss and grief, and reminds you again and again to the love that is greater than death.

Death Valley: A Love Story Trailer

Therapeutic Guide to Film About Grief & Loss

A 28-page therapeutic guide on grief and loss accompanies the “Death Valley: A Love Story” film. Designed by licensed therapists at Samaritan, Herb Landis and Judith Kennedy, this guide serves as a gentle companion through the landscapes of grief.

The therapeutic guide on grief and loss can be used in a group setting spanning 10 to 12 sessions that has a facilitator and, ideally, no more than 12 members. Groups can also be broken into sub-groups of 2 or 3 for confidential and emotionally-safe sharing.

However, the guide may also be used individually and does not need to be used sequentially.

Our therapists encourage individuals to go through the guide slowly, gently and reflectively with the promptings and poetry.

It’s also important to be sensitive to your experience and seek support as needed.

Therapeutic Guide and DVD on grief and loss

The Funding of This Project

This project was initially made possible by a generous, anonymous donor who had the inspiration after seeing the original play by Sandra Fenichel Asher. For information about the stage play, please click here.

Any proceeds from Samaritan Counseling Center’s sale of this film on grief and loss and the guide will be used to subsidize fees for clients who need counseling but cannot afford the full fee for services.

Purchasing The Film & Therapeutic Guide On Grief & Loss

The cost of the DVD and Therapeutic Guide is $35.00, plus $5.00 for shipping & handling and the 6 percent Pennsylvania sales tax (only applies to Pennsylvania residents).

You can purchase the DVD and guide in a number of ways:

  • Click the button below to purchase online through PayPal. You can checkout as a guest and do not need a PayPal account to purchase.
  • Download this form and submit with payment.
  • Contact the Samaritan Counseling Center at 717-560-9969 to pay by phone.

For orders of 10 or more, or for any other questions, please contact Anita Hanna at 717-560-9969, extension 244. If you are interested in purchasing the DVD without the guide, please contact Andrea at Natural Light Films.



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