Post-Pandemic Clergy Group

September 23, 2021 - November 11, 2021
Event Details
Start: September 23, 2021 at 2:00 pm
End: November 11, 2021 at 3:30 pm
Venue: Online
Phone Number: 717-560-1949

The Post-Pandemic Clergy Group will help clergy leaders face the realities of their position today and in the future by supporting participants as they consider where things are now and where they want to be.

David Harris, a trained and experienced leadership coach, will facilitate this group and help to create a safe place for participants to be open and honest with each other.

In eight 90-minute sessions pastors, clergy and faith leaders will creatively reflect, listen, encourage, and create their own plan of action. Click here to register for the online group.

The general framework of the group will include:

  • A coaching approach to group leadership, trusting that group members will bring strong resources with them and use powerful questions, deep listening, conversation, and observation as key tools in helping the work to happen.
  • Participant-focused agenda shaped by the direction of the group’s work within the framework of the topic.
  • An informal structure, using a five-minute topic introduction by the facilitator after which the work of the group will guide the conversation.
  • Resource material provided by the facilitator as may be requested.
  • A group covenant/agreement, vital for healthy group functioning and creating a safe space for sharing.
  • Encouragement to take notes to collect valuable ideas and provide a foundation for personal commitment to realistic next steps.

Have questions about the clergy group? Contact Clergy & Congregation Care Coordinator David Miron at or 717-560-1949.

Weekly Session Plan

Session 1: Introduction and getting to know each other; group covenant; clarity around coaching; sharing what need or hope led to your participation.

Session 2: Focus on self-care; sharing your most effective self-care strategy; sharing challenges you’ve faced with self-care.

Session 3:  Identifying what you are facing now; reflecting on different potential scenarios; gives the presenting group member the option of asking for input.

Session 4: The role of leader in a rapidly changing and changed world; identifying what questions and challenges feel most important for you and for the people you serve.

Session 5: Biblical connections through stories in Scripture; sharing the biblical story that shapes your hope and direction.

Session 6:  Check in with each participant; invitation for participants to offer their post-pandemic issues for learning and reflection; gives the presenting participant the option of asking for input.

Session 7: Naming what is important; connecting group topics with individual situations; providing opportunities for deeper and more focused expressions that are key for understanding and next steps; discussion of what participants are learning about themselves and their unique situation.

Session 8: Creating a plan by synthesizing notes, ideas, needs, hopes, and more into a concrete plan including formulating SMART goals; finding partners in ministry; reflecting on roadblocks; discussing what may be missing from your plan.

Possible Tools & Resources

  • Prioritization Grid that takes a list of important items and helps the individual discern their priority levels. This can be done manually as well.
  • Personal Strength Exercise that uses pictures to evoke creative reflection and discuss personal strengths, with group affirmation.
  • Wheel of Life Exercise Sheet, which offers both given categories and a blank wheel for categories that can kick-start personal reflection about elements of life and ministry.
  • The Story You Tell Yourself, a tool that uses the Exodus story to provide a seed that invites participants to think about stories of the Bible, life, and their own emotional formation that they rely on either consciously or automatically.
  • Bullet Journal Method, which is a style of planning that works well in a blank notebook. It allows flexibility for capturing ideas as well as tasks and commitments and takes the user from goals to daily action simply and systematically.

Contact Clergy & Congregation Care Coordinator David Miron at or 717-560-1949 for any questions about payment or registration options.

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