Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction For Clergy

Spiritual direction consists of engaging in conversations with individuals trained in the art of assisting others on their spiritual journey.

For clergy, spiritual direction is a proven way to maintain healthy engagement with a congregation. Stresses and strains on clergy and their families all but require a way for the clergy person to be “in the balcony” of their life.

As a means of self-care, engaging in spiritual direction can counteract this in a helpful way. The first session is no-cost and no-obligation.

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Spiritual Direction For Individuals

Are you being intentional with your spiritual journey? Do you desire to deepen your spiritual journey? Would it be helpful to have a companion and a spiritual advisor to provide guidance and accountability?

Spiritual direction provides a way to address these and other desires, intentions and questions related to your spiritual journey. Different from both counseling and coaching, this process invites a spiritual director to walk alongside you on your path.

Typically spiritual direction occurs on an ongoing basis as part of a longer-term relationship with a spiritual advisor. However, it can also be used to address short-term needs.

Reasons To Seek Out A Spiritual Advisor

Some of the best reasons to seek out a spiritual director or advisor as an individual, pastor or clergy member include:

  • A desire for informal spiritual companionship.
  • Wanting to clarify your own mission, vision and purpose
  • A need to address challenges or issues, such as reaching an impasse in your inner life and spirituality.
  • Requiring assistance in decision-making about a vocational change or transition.
  • A desire to explore and embrace inner growth and transformation.

CCC collaborates with Oasis Ministries for Spiritual Development to provide retreats for clergy and others. Oasis also provides training, education in contemplation and prayer practices, daylong retreat opportunities, yearlong programs, retreats for groups and communities and pilgrimages.

For more information about spiritual direction, contact David Miron, Coordinator of Clergy and Congregation Care, at dmiron@scclanc.org.

“I value the importance of having someone I can sit with to reflect on who I am, what I am doing, the decisions I am making, and where God is directing me.”

Michael Allwein, Pastor on Spiritual Direction

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