Consulting & Coaching

Clergy, congregations and regional associations receive support, assistance and insights from Clergy & Congregation Care to help develop congregations into places of transformation impacting individuals and communities.

Most often, faith communities utilize church consulting, the Congregation Assessment Tool, and clergy coaching for help in a variety of situations and circumstances including, but not limited to:

  • Leadership transitions
  • Planning
  • Personnel issues
  • Internal conflicts
  • Team building
  • Leadership development

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Church Consulting For A Transformational Congregation

Establishing a baseline of information about a congregation and its clergy is a significant part of the consulting work of the Clergy & Congregation Care program. Often, the journey toward or maintaining transformation begins with the use of the Congregational Assessment Tool, or CAT, followed by a discernment process.

The CAT, provided through our exclusive connection to Holy Cow! Consulting, provides data-driven insights based on the organizational intelligence collected through the CAT. This approach helps to measure the vitality, capacity, orientation and flexibility of congregations, and to create a plan to further develop the characteristics of a transformational congregation.

Typical situations when organizational intelligence is used within a congregation include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Your congregation is in the process of a leadership transition.
  • The call committee is unsure of how to match the needs of parishioners with the skills and passions of candidates.
  • Your congregation wants to plan ahead.
  • Your congregation needs to update its model of governance to better fulfill its mission and enhance the church’s sustainability.

The CAT is also a great tool for providing a “health check” for a congregation. It flags both signs of health and potential trouble spots. Ideally, a congregation will engage in a CAT discernment process every 3 to 5 years.

Church Consulting with Regional Associations

All work with regional associations is customized and geared toward proven models of ministry with a focus on serving the needs of member congregations and clergy. In association with Holy Cow! Consulting, organizational intelligence may be gathered and used in situations such as:

  • Assisting with leadership transitions.
  • Establishing a foundation for planning.
  • Finding a good alignment between clergy and congregation.
  • Identifying congregations that can most benefit from engagement with association staff.
  • Creating a map showing which congregations can mentor others.
  • Revealing depleted congregations that may not be able to be turned around.

Clergy Coaching For Transformational Leadership

Clergy coaching services help faith leaders grow both personally and professionally. Sessions can be either in-person or remote.

Specifically, clergy coaching services can help leaders of faith communities:

  • Improve leadership skills, decision-making and goal fulfillment.
  • Learn from congregational assessments, which improves organizational effectiveness and performance.
  • Clarify an organization’s vision, mission and purpose through Appreciative Inquiry, a model that engages congregants and leaders in self-determined change.
  • Assess clergy and persons in an ordination process.
  • Provide assistance with succession planning and transitions in leadership.
  • Develop strategies to change behavior and/or improve processes.
  • Learn and implement new leadership or team building skills within the church.
  • Address challenging issues with teams, staff or leaders.
  • Understand the organization as an emotional system.
  • Lead a change process that is anxiety producing for congregants.
  • Develop best practices in prevention of child sexual abuse.

What does the church consulting process entail?

The process for church consulting and coaching will vary by project. Typically, however, it includes the following steps:

  • A meeting with a leadership team to discuss the process.
  • An orientation session helping leadership understand what to expect and what is involved in the process.
  • When an assessment is used, assistance in the administration of the assessment and interpretation by a trained interpreter of the reports generated from the assessment process.
  • Follow-up with leadership after implementation of consulting-related activities, including a discernment session, to look at possible next steps.

For more information about consulting services and the use of assessment tools, contact David Miron, Clergy & Congregation Care Coordinator, at

Here is a testimonial from one of our Clergy & Congregation Care clients:

“I was so impressed (once again) with your insightfulness, your clarity, and your ability to communicate it all to us in a way that lit a fire under us all without singeing me (as pastor) or the congregation (Council). I am very hopeful about this as a springboard to the work we need and hope to do in the coming months.”

Senior Pastor on Congregational Assessment Tool/Organizational Intelligence

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