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Organizations that invest in their supervisors and employees with leadership development and training reap the reward of healthier, more productive environments.

In fact, one survey of 2,000 individuals revealed that organizations offering professional development opportunities have employees who are 15 percent more engaged in their work. These same businesses also see 34 percent higher retention rates than those that don’t offer similar opportunities.

Samaritan Consulting Group’s leadership development trainers provide these desired opportunities to emerging leaders, current management and employees at Central Pennsylvania organizations.

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Current Open Classes

Two current public classes beginning in March 2022 include the 12-session Human Resource Management Academy and the 7-session Professional Development series at ABC Keystone, which is open to both non-members and members of the association. Classes can be signed up for individually or as a series.

Leadership Development And Training Topics

Supervising for Success

Our most popular leadership development training, this class improves the managerial skills of new supervisors and leaders. This results in positive managers, positive employees and a positive workplace.

Supervising For Success can be held on-site, at Samaritan Consulting Group in five, three-hour sessions, or online in a customized format that covers the following topics:

  • Session One: The role of a supervisor
  • Session Two: Communication skills
  • Session Three: Planning and organizing
  • Session Four: Implementing and controlling
  • Session Five: Problem solving and decision making

Soft Skills Training

Improve interpersonal relationships and overall business performance through soft skills training. Topics include time management, communication, teamwork, leadership, problem solving, emotional intelligence, conflict management and more.

Leadership 360 Assessments

These assessments utilize anonymous feedback from peers, supervisors and direct reports to reveal strengths and weaknesses. The report is particularly helpful for employees interested in becoming managers and supervisors.

Mindful Self-Compassion Training

Helps improve communication and stress management. This introduction to mindfulness and compassion practices is presented in a modular, 6-hour format suitable for the workplace. It can also be customized to fit your team’s time preferences.

Group Training and Coaching

Employees are coached as a group to improve a particular skill or process. This is done through a process that builds on positive characteristics and assists individuals in developing a plan to achieve their career and personal goals.

Retreats & On-Site Programs

Tailored retreats and organizational planning sessions designed to address an organization’s specific needs. Sessions can be held virtually, on-site or at Samaritan Consulting Group in Lancaster.

For more information about our leadership development and training services, you can contact us here or email Bethany Georgia at bgeorgia@scclanc.org.

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Upcoming Programs & Events

Change Through Compassion Core Skills IntensiveJuly 14 - July 22

The summer Change Through Compassion Core Skills Intensive provides participants with an introduction to the practices of mindfulness & self-compassion.

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2022 Ethics In Business AwardJuly 21

The 2022 Ethics In Business Awards banquet will honor four local businesses on Thursday, July 21, from 4:30-8:30 p.m., at the Lancaster Country Club.

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Change Through Compassion Fall WorkshopSeptember 15 - November 3

The eight-week online workshop provides participants with the opportunity to gain experience in mindfulness and self-compassion practices.

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