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Organizations that invest in their supervisors and employees with leadership development and training reap the reward of healthier, more productive environments.

In fact, one survey of 2,000 individuals revealed that organizations offering professional development opportunities have employees who are 15 percent more engaged in their work. These same businesses also see 34 percent higher retention rates than those that don’t offer similar opportunities.

Samaritan Consulting Group’s leadership development trainers provide these desired opportunities to emerging leaders, current management and employees at Central Pennsylvania organizations.

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Current Open Classes

Emerging Leaders (Sept. 27-Nov. 15)

A refresh of the popular Supervising For Success leadership development training, you can register for individual sessions of the workshop. This program improves the skills of the new, or emerging, leader. Participants will gain knowledge and practice managing others, and complete the program with increased confidence in their role as an effective leader.

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Small Business Operations & Human Resources Workshop (Dates coming soon!)

Designed for small business decision makers who have begun or are hoping to scale their business, this series covers everything from human resource materials to operations guides to real-life scenarios. The result will be healthy organizational growth, better employee retention, less costly employee management issues and increased profitability. You can register for the full workshop or individual sessions.

  • Session One: An overview of company organizational chart/duties, basic operations, discussion and dialogue about the challenges in your industry and organization, and an introduction to SWOT analysis.
  • Session Two: A review of the importance of handbooks, policies and leadership, with a look at human resources, operations manuals, and real case studies with guidance on how to address different issues within your business.
  • Session Three: Learn how to improve your recruiting process, have successful interviews and onboarding, and provide training and development. Also covers proper documentation and the firing process.
  • Session Four: Develop consistent systems that stay in place and protect the asset you’ve built. Also learn about marketing and growth plans, different marketing techniques, and create a plan for the upcoming years.

Empower Female Enrichment Program (Dates coming soon!)

Developed to build the curiosity, capabilities and careers of women, this interactive, six-module series brings mid-career women together in a cohort to learn about themselves and craft their paths based on their renewed confidence and abilities, while also sharing their learnings with each other. 

  • Module 1: Understand where you came from and all the significant moments that made you who you are. This module will also help identify why it’s important to recognize failures and successes in order to move to a higher level of confidence and capability.
  • Module 2: Helps you to recognize your beliefs, your biases, and the negative thoughts you hold about yourself and others. This module will also guide you in evaluating your actions so that you can better understand the actions of others, as well as enabling you to lead yourself and others into the future.
  • Module 3: Learn how what you say about yourself directly impacts what others say about you. This module will also help you understand how to present yourself, whether in communications or on social media. And it will look at different facets of your networking and provide creative solutions for you to show and be your best self.
  • Module 4: Explore how to focus on the individuals around you that can help to propel your career. Whether through allyship or sponsorship, we’ll look at ways to increase your visibility through these partnerships and connections, and the opportunities they can afford.
  • Module 5: Focus on your personal and professional development by completing your personal assessment, reviewing your career goals, and identifying a development plan. This module will put you on a path of growth and continued confidence.
  • Module 6: This module will be the culmination of everything you’ve learned in the previous modules. By creating your vision board, you will have a constant reminder of where you want to go and how you plan to get there. This module will also focus on celebrating your successes and how to pay forward the lessons you’ve learned.

ABC Keystone Classes (off-site)

Taking place at ABC Keystone in Manheim, the 12-session Human Resource Management Academy and the 7-session Professional Development series are open to both non-members and members of the association. Classes can be signed up for individually or as a series.

Leadership Development And Training Topics

Emerging Leaders

An updated version of our most popular leadership development training, Supervising For Success. This class improves the managerial skills of new supervisors and leaders. This results in positive managers, positive employees and a positive workplace.

Emerging Leaders can be held on-site in five, three-hour sessions, or online in a customized format that covers the following topics:

  • Session One: The role of a manager or leader
  • Session Two: Communicating with Clarity
  • Session Three: Team Engagement
  • Session Four: Effective Delegation
  • Session Five: Collaboration & Problem-solving

Soft Skills Training

Improve interpersonal relationships and overall business performance through soft skills training. Topics include time management, communication, teamwork, leadership, problem solving, emotional intelligence, conflict management and more.

Leadership 360 Assessments

These assessments utilize anonymous feedback from peers, supervisors and direct reports to reveal strengths and weaknesses. The report is particularly helpful for employees interested in becoming managers and supervisors.

Mindful Self-Compassion Training

Helps improve communication and stress management. This introduction to mindfulness and compassion practices is presented in a modular, 6-hour format suitable for the workplace. It can also be customized to fit your team’s time preferences.

Group Training and Coaching

Employees are coached as a group to improve a particular skill or process. This is done through a process that builds on positive characteristics and assists individuals in developing a plan to achieve their career and personal goals.

Retreats & On-Site Programs

Tailored retreats and organizational planning sessions designed to address an organization’s specific needs. Sessions can be held virtually, on-site or at Samaritan Consulting Group in Lancaster.

For more information about our leadership development and training services, you can contact us here or email Bethany Georgia at bgeorgia@scclanc.org.

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2022 Silent Samaritan LuncheonNovember 10

This year’s Silent Samaritan luncheon takes place at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, November 10, at Calvary Church and will feature keynote speaker Timbrel Chyatee.

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Leading Your Congregation Through ConflictNovember 17 - November 17

A 1 1/2-hour training with Clergy & Congregation Care to help clergy, pastors and congregation members learn how to better navigate conflict and continue advancing the church’s mission.

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ExtraGive – A Community Giving EventNovember 18 - November 18

Samaritan Counseling Center will be participating in this year's 2022 ExtraGive, organized by the Lancaster County Community Foundation.  ExtraGive is an amazing, community-wide celebration of giving…

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