Human Resources Consulting

A healthy human resources program attracts high-quality employees, leading to low turnover, higher efficiency, and a more productive and profitable organization. But as a human resources administrator, it can be difficult to stay on top of your daily to-do list, let alone the many issues that need to be addressed annually within your department.

Samaritan Business Consulting in Lancaster helps local organizations get there with the following human resources consulting services.

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COVID-19 Consulting

Expert advice on the difficult questions that need to be addressed during COVID-19, including how to best manage remote workers, what is OK to ask regarding health issues, and other best practices for human resources issues.

Employee Surveys & Experience

The creation and implementation of assessments to measure your company’s employee engagement and satisfaction. This data then helps Samaritan Business Consulting develop an integrated, holistic approach to the employee experience, resulting in a positive, high-performing workplace.

Performance Appraisal Programs

The development of a procedure and process for your organization to use for job performance evaluations.

This includes the option to train for leaders, helping them learn how to have healthy and productive discussions with employees about job performance.

Compensation Programs

A review of your current compensation programs in order to develop or update the program.

This helps your company attract the right employees, as well as rewarding current members within your organization.


A complete audit of your human resources’ policies, programs and procedures. This audit includes best practices and recommendations to improve your overall human resources program.

Personnel Problems

Human resources support from experts in the field when facing difficult issues, challenges or questions. This can be a one-time or multi-session service for you or your team depending on the need.

Hiring And Development Assessments

Hiring assessments can uncover a prospective candidate’s natural tendencies, while personal development assessments can minimize communication issues, and help supervisors learn how to better coach current employees. We provide clients with the administration and interpretation of hiring and development assessments including the Activity Vector Analysis (AVA), 16 Personality Factor (16pf), DiSC profile, Myers-Briggs personality assessment and 360-degree Feedback Reports.

Retained Executive Search

Saves your organization time by recruiting, sourcing and screening executive, professional or managerial lead candidates, and managing the hiring process from start to finish. Whether an executive, professional or managerial lead position, our experienced team of human resources professionals based in Lancaster County can find just the right candidate to fit your expectations and your workplace culture.

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Here are some testimonials from our Samaritan Business Consulting clients:

“Jim did an excellent job facilitating our search for a new CEO of Tabor Community Services. I found him to be very professional, detailed, thorough in executing his process, non-biased and accommodating to our needs. … Throughout the process, he was available to me as the head of the (search) committee and made sure nothing was missed in the process. … And most importantly, we hired a great person to lead our organization into the future.”

Paul Currie, Head of Search Committee for Tabor CEO, Owner of Currie Business Advisers

“Eastern Alliance Insurance Group has partnered with Samaritan Business Consulting for a number of years for pre-hire assessments. Their assessments provide us with additional insight into candidates, ensuring we are asking the right questions and providing us with information regarding how to best coach and manage the candidate once they become an employee. We’re grateful for the partnership and look forward to a continued relationship!”

Amanda Robinson, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at ProAssurance Corporation

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