Samaritan Consulting Group provides organizational development services including human resources consulting, leadership development and training, executive search, and coaching for individuals and organizations with the mission of building healthy minds and strong communities in our workplaces.

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Types of Coaching

The coaching process offered by Samaritan Consulting Group occurs through structured, one-on-one sessions with a trained professional development coach. Sessions can include skilled questioning to promote reflection and understanding, growth challenges, support and assessments.

At Samaritan Consulting Group, our team of experienced professional development coaches provides:

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Career Coaching

Career coaching services that ease the process of finding a new job opportunity, help you navigate a career change, or assist you in growing within your current organization.

Specific elements of career coaching services can include LinkedIn and resume development, training in networking, interview skills training, comprehensive assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Career Report or Strong Interest Inventory Profile, and other services.

This type of career coaching can also be customized and provided by an organization as outplacement services to recently laid-off employees.

Retirement Coaching

Retirement coaches help create a smooth transition to retirement and minimize possible feelings of purposelessness or depression that can occur.

Our retirement coaching services can be provided to both individuals and couples, with the first step being an in-depth assessment that measures retirement readiness in six areas: career and work, health and wellness, finance and insurance, family and relationships, leisure and social and personal development.

A certified retirement coach then works with you to develop a customized plan that addresses the key areas that are most affected in the retirement process.

Executive Coaching

Personal development coaching for CEOs, small business owners and leaders in an organization can improve the effectiveness and leadership qualities of individuals.

Executive coaching does this by providing a supportive ear and allowing for perspective and feedback. This helps leaders without peers in their company to have a safe space to discuss options, doubts, and challenges.

Leadership and executive coaching also provides intellectual stimulation, “thinking outside the box,” and education. Executive coaching can be especially helpful to address complex and confusing issues such as difficult employees, family business issues, teambuilding, and strategic direction.

Performance Coaching

This type of coaching addresses specific issues with high-potential team employees who may need some assistance to be at their best. Performance coaching is also ideal for organizations seeking to empower employees to reach expected performance goals.

Frequently, performance coaching is helpful for technically proficient individuals who may need assistance in things such as time management, stress management, dealing with conflict, holding others accountable, goal setting, motivating others, and discussing sensitive issues, and resolving conflicts constructively.

Performance coaching also helps individuals understand and optimize their strengths, as well as learn how to compensate for challenging areas.

Life Coaching

Working with a certified life coach is ideal for individuals experiencing a sense of purposelessness, feelings of stress or a lack of work-life balance.

Through in-person or online sessions, life coaches help identify areas of growth and work with individuals to set practical goals. The result is a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose, and a well-balanced life.

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Here is a testimonial from one of Samaritan Consulting Group’s career coaching clients:

“Karen Sheehe has been an amazing resource of not only knowledge, but also the guiding light I needed after suffering a difficult and unexpected job loss. I was referred to Samaritan Consulting Group by a family friend after I contacted her for advice on how to update my resume and where to begin on my career path. Karen gave me the positive hope I needed and pointed me in the right direction. From day one, her help was truly invaluable.”

Angie Gregg

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