The Samaritan Counseling Center’s mission begins and ends with people and our community.


The best thing we can do for our future is to be more proactive in serving children and teens. With nearly 30% of teens in Lancaster County feeling depressed or sad most days over the past year and just one-third of all teens with mental illness identified and treated, we can no longer rely on the same type of services and programs to provide the level of care needed today. As our community changes, so must we.

The Facts

TeenHope is a new mental health screening program in Lancaster County middle & high schools. While new for the county, this program is research-based and nationally tested. We are collaborating with other local organizations to connect at-risk teens and their parents with proper treatment and healing.

TeenHope was implemented in Penn Manor and Lancaster Mennonite schools during the 2013-2014 school year. Samaritan plans to bring TeenHope to additional schools each year.

The Need

(source: 2010 Summary Report on the Health of Lancaster County)

  • Nearly 30% of teens in Lancaster County have felt depressed or sad most days over the past year

(source: 2011 study by Centers for Disease Control, Columbia University report)

  • 20% of teens suffer from a mental disorder at some point.
  • 16% of high school students have serious suicidal thoughts.
  • 13% have made a suicide plan.
  • 8% have attempted suicide.
  • Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for youths 10-24

Be a Voice

Encourage parents and teens to participate in the TeenHope screening process when offered at their school, and help get more schools to add this program.  One encouraging conversation can help give someone the courage to say “yes, let’s do this.”

Be aware of how one voice can make a difference in helping people find the help they need.

Give a Gift

The Samaritan Counseling Center is changing the culture in different environments throughout Lancaster County.  We are creating healthier minds, stronger communities and brighter tomorrows for many people and families.

Your gift will have an impact – and your dollars will be matched by the Lancaster County Community Foundation.

Read an Inspiring Story

National Suicide Prevention Week begins September 5th. An organization very close to my heart, by the name of “To Write Love On Her Arms,” hosts a campaign each year to raise awareness and funds for those struggling with mental illnesses and suicidal thoughts. This year’s slogan is #IKeptLiving.

I struggle with mental illness. There, I said it. It’s not much of a secret anymore- because I’ve come to terms with the fact that anxiety and depression are not anything I need to hide, but it’s still hard.

I, the outgoing, sassy girl who sits next to you in your honors classes that are always cracking jokes, has struggled with anxiety and depression for as long as she can remember.

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Teen Hope

We’re Calling All Samaritans!

What can you do? BE A VOICE by encouraging parents and teens to participate. GIVE A GIFT to help change the culture. Learn more by reading details on this page, or call us at 717-560-9969.