Silent Samaritans


In 1996, an incredible group of over 150 local women contributed $100 each to establish the Silent Samaritan Fund.  Their efforts raised over $16,000 in that first year.  The Fund enables women, lacking income or insurance, to receive services from the Samaritan Counseling Center.  Now in our 21st year, over 1,400 women have contributed to the fund, bringing the total raised to over $981,900.

To celebrate the generosity of the Silent Samaritans, the Samaritan Counseling Center holds an annual “Celebration and Thanks Giving Luncheon” on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Silent Samaritans gather for food, fellowship and an uplifting and inspiring presentation by women of achievement.  For more information on this year’s luncheon, please click here.


  • Contribute $100 and attend the Silent Samaritan Luncheon.
  • For another $100, invite and sponsor a woman who is not yet a Silent Samaritan to join you at the Luncheon.
  • Give a gift to the Silent Samaritan Fund in memory of or to honor a family member, friend or colleague.
  • Celebrating a birthday or anniversary?  Ask family and friends to donate to the Silent Samaritan Fund or the Silent Samaritan Endowment as a way to acknowledge your special occasion.
  • Consider becoming a Luncheon sponsor or recommending a potential Luncheon sponsor.  More about Sponsorship Opportunities here.
  • Send us names of other caring women who you believe would be interested in becoming Silent Samaritans and encourage them to join us.
  • You also have the opportunity to give to the Silent Samaritan Endowment, a special fund to ensure that the mission of women helping women continues into the future.


cathy-dgail-a“As Co-Chairs for the 2016 Silent Samaritan Luncheon, we are committed to helping and empowering other women in our community. After attending our first luncheon, we both felt the need to become actively involved in planning this annual event. We delight in the fact that the proceeds from the luncheon help to subsidize counseling for women who are in need of support, giving them a chance to find hope and healing in their lives.”

– Cathy Doremus and Gail Alexander, Co-Chairs of the 2016 Silent Samaritan Committee


AltaLandis2“The Silent Samaritans are a wonderful example of a community of women paying it forward and making a difference in the lives of women who need counseling.  Some of the women who receive assistance have, in turn, become Silent Samaritans.”
Alta Landis, Retired SCC Therapist


GeraldRessler“The need for professional counseling services continues to increase in our community.  It can be extremely difficult for women to access needed services, especially in the midst of divorce or other challenging life transitions.  The impact of the Silent Samaritans, in offering financial assistance, has been enormous!”
Gerald Ressler, SCC Executive Director



“I’ve been part of the Silent Samaritan effort for 20 years.  The initial need came to us from concerned Samaritan Center counselors who realized that there were women needing help who could not afford the services.  Several of us joined together to raise funding for those needs, establishing the Silent Samaritan Fund.”
-Linda Peacock, Volunteer and Past SCC Board President



PatBurnleyCoons“During the past several years, I have bought a table at the Silent Samaritan luncheon so that many of my friends could be aware of the varied and valuable offerings of the Samaritan Counseling Center as well as recognize the quality of its supporters.”
Pat Burnley Coon


Kim Lemon photo“It has been my honor to partner with Silent Samaritans from the very beginning and this year, I am pleased to serve as your keynote speaker.  The group’s mission reaches beyond the concept of wellness and appropriate mental health.  It is about women helping women reach a place of true authentic purpose.  Silent Samaritans, and the women who benefit, move beyond circumstances and situations to a powerful place of peace and acceptance.”
Kim Lemon


KitSlaugh2“I learned of Samaritan Counseling Center years ago when they offered a series on loss.  The opportunity to be part of that at that time of my life was a great comfort to me.  It is a privilege to help make that possible for women who can’t afford it.  I attend because I love being surrounded by women who feel the same way.”
Kit Slaugh




For a complete listing of the Silent Samaritans, including our Silent Samaritan Endowment donors, please view our annual report, located in our Reading Room. If you are interested in more information about becoming a Silent Samaritan, please contact Anita Hanna at 717-560-9969, extension 244 or by email.


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