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Safe Places

The Facts

Safe Places is a children and youth sexual abuse prevention program that provides education, extensive training and structured protocols to adults working with and caring for children.

Safe Places is an expansion of Samaritan’s Safe Church program – a nationally recognized program we developed in 2011 that has reached more than 4,800 adults and 3,500 children in its first three years in our community.

Safe Places will move this child sexual abuse prevention program into schools, sports programs, and other organizations to protect children from sexual harm in all areas of a child’s world.

The Need

One in four girls and one in six boys are sexually abused by the time they are 18 years old; and 29% of all forcible rapes occur to children age 11 and younger.

85%-90% of children are molested by someone they know and trust – not strangers.

45% of sexually abused children experience suicidal thoughts or behavior.

Child sexual abuse victims are 3-5 times more likely to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, be dependent on drugs and alcohol, or commit delinquent acts compared to those who were not victimized.

The lifetime incidence of major depression is 3-5 times higher in women with child sexual abuse histories than women without such histories.

We’re Calling All Samaritans!

What Can You Do?

Be a Voice.

Encourage your church, school or organizations to participate in the Safe Places program and to talk about how to proactively engage all adults to protect children from sexual harm in all areas of a child’s world.  Be a Voice to help lift the stigma, shame – and invisible wounds – carried by many adult survivors.

Be aware of how one voice can make a difference in the lives of other people.  Make your voice heard.

Give a Gift.

The Samaritan Counseling Center is changing the culture in different environments throughout Lancaster County.  We are creating healthier minds, stronger communities and brighter tomorrows for many people, families and organizations.

Your gift will have an impact!

One volunteer screening for Safe Places work with children

One healthy boundary curriculum for 50+ children and teens

One adult education session on prevention of child sexual abuse

One core team training session on how sexual offenders engage children

Full day retreat for 35 adult survivors of child sexual abuse

Sponsor a full one-year prevention program for two churches, schools or organizations

Sponsor a full one-year prevention program for ten churches, schools or organizations


For more information, please contact Linda Crockett, Director of Consultation & Education, at 717-560-9991 or or Anita Hanna, Director of Development at 717-560-9969, extension 244 or


We’re Calling All Samaritans!

What can you do? BE A VOICE by encouraging your church, school or organizations to participate. GIVE A GIFT to help change the culture. Learn more by reading details on this page, or call us at 717-560-9969.

SafeChurch Focus

Building. . .

a faith-based movement to end Child Sexual Abuse

Moving. . .

beyond first generation “safe church policies and training” to shifting culture to inspire and equip adults to protect children from sexual harm in church and community

Connecting. . .

with others sharing a vision where people of faith take leadership to end the conditions that allow one in four girls and one in six boys to be sexually abused

Engaging. . .

survivors as sources of wisdom and leaders

Partnering. . .

with the Just Beginnings Collaborative to End Child Sexual Abuse