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SafeChurch DVD

SafeChurch DVD: Movement Building to End Child Sexual Abuse

Featuring Survivors and Allies from Faith Communities Speaking Out to Protect Children + PA Mandated Reporting Laws

This DVD has multiple uses, including congregational education and awareness raising as well as training staff and volunteers working with children. Features:

  • An introduction to SafeChurch as part of a social movement.
  • A compelling 17 minute video featuring adult survivors, allies, and parents of sexually abused children from faith communities sharing their stories to encourage congregations to become involved in the SafeChurch movement. These courageous women and men challenge all adults to learn about sexual abuse and how to prevent it so that others do not suffer what they did.
  • “The Sparrow’s Call” a musical reflection written and performed by Deeter Lutz.
  • Two 20 minute pastoral conversation videos about responding to disclosure from a child to help train staff and volunteers how to ask appropriate questions when a child’s behavior, language or silence indicates something may be wrong.
  • A power point for use in training those who work with children in the church setting that covers all forms of child abuse. The power point, accessible as a data file from this disc on your computer desktop, includes:
    • Prevalence and impact of sexual and other forms of child abuse
    • How sexual offenders engage children and parents in relationships
    • Behavioral and other signs that might indicate abuse
    • Responding to disclosure: What to say – and what NOT to say
    • Mandated reporting of suspected abuse:

Each state has distinct laws on reporting abuse; the downloadable  power point on the DVD  includes PA’s new mandated reporting laws as of 1/1/15.  However, more PA  reforms were signed into law on 7/1/15.  In order to provide you with the most up-to-date training materials, we have revised the power point presentation from the DVD and provide it on a flash drive that we include with your DVD at no extra cost. For the most current training, use the flash drive in conjunction with the other materials on the DVD.

Price: $110.00 + $5 shipping & handling

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To let us know of your interest in receiving further information about our next SafeChurch Cluster or related services, please contact Linda Crockett, Director of Education and Consultation, Samaritan Counseling Center, at or at 717.560.9991.

SafeChurch Focus

Building. . .

a faith-based movement to end Child Sexual Abuse

Moving. . .

beyond first generation “safe church policies and training” to shifting culture to inspire and equip adults to protect children from sexual harm in church and community

Connecting. . .

with others sharing a vision where people of faith take leadership to end the conditions that allow one in four girls and one in six boys to be sexually abused

Engaging. . .

survivors as sources of wisdom and leaders

Partnering. . .

with the Just Beginnings Collaborative to End Child Sexual Abuse