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Facilitator Training

Bring Safe Church to Your Community!

Building on the success and learning of our Safe Church National Pilot Program, the 3 day Safe Church facilitator training offers communities or judicatories throughout the U.S. the opportunity to equip a group of 10-20 leaders to facilitate the one-year Safe Church program.

What is the three day Safe Church Facilitator Training?

It is a 20 hour, 3-day training for ordained and lay leaders from a broad spectrum of theological traditions to equip them to facilitate a Safe Church process in their own congregations, or in a “Cluster” of several churches working together.  (Click here for a one page flyer.) Samaritan’s material is copyrighted; however, participants are free to modify the facilitation material related to their state reporting laws; administrative information about meeting dates, guest speakers, congregational participants, facilities, etc.; and may include additional scripture references their constituencies would find helpful. Any substantive revisions to content or process requires written permission of Samaritan.

Each training is hosted or sponsored by a community organization committed to ending child sexual abuse, such as a counseling or advocacy center, or by a judicatory. Other sponsors will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The host is responsible for organizing the training, recruiting participants, collecting training fees, providing training space, and reimbursing the Samaritan Safe Church facilitator for travel and lodging expenses. Samaritan Safe Church is supported by a Just Beginnings Collaborative grant as part of their national Ending Child Sexual Abuse initiative. Each participant receives material valued at $450 to equip them to facilitate Safe Church; the Samaritan fee for training and material (up to 20 participants) is $125 per person.  In some cases, the fee may be lowered. The host is responsible for collection of participant fees.  In addition, fees are waived for host organizations that agree to become a “hub” for Safe Church.  A host that makes a commitment to be a “hub” for Safe Church and run Clusters in their region agrees to embed the program within their organization and provide administrative infrastructure to support it. Hosts willing to meet benchmark criteria that result in running their first Cluster of 5-10 congregations  within one year of the training may be eligible for up to $5,000 in “ seed money” over the 12 month post-training period as benchmarks are met.

For more details, see the 3 Day Safe Church Facilitator Training or contact Dianne Renfro, Program Administrator, at or at 717-560-9989, extension 254.


SafeChurch Focus

Building. . .

a faith-based movement to end Child Sexual Abuse

Moving. . .

beyond first generation “safe church policies and training” to shifting culture to inspire and equip adults to protect children from sexual harm in church and community

Connecting. . .

with others sharing a vision where people of faith take leadership to end the conditions that allow one in four girls and one in six boys to be sexually abused

Engaging. . .

survivors as sources of wisdom and leaders

Partnering. . .

with the Just Beginnings Collaborative to End Child Sexual Abuse