The Samaritan Counseling Center’s mission begins and ends with people and our community.

Vouchers for counseling or for subsidizing program fees


Effective 1/1/16

As part of the Partnership Covenant, a congregation receives discounts on certain services, as well as vouchers that can be used to:

• Sponsor counseling sessions
• $100 towards clergy and congregational consultation, education and other ministry needs.
• Based on your church membership, the number of vouchers received is:

o 800 or more members = 8 vouchers
o 400 – 799 members = 6 vouchers
o 399 members or less = 4 vouchers

1. Counseling

Each church voucher is worth the fee of one counseling session. The value of the voucher will vary based on the nature of the service provided. Available services include the following:

• Child, Adolescent, Family or Couple Initial Evaluation ($160)
• Individual Adult Initial Evaluation ($150)
• Child, Adolescent, Family or Couple ongoing session ($110)
• Individual Adult ongoing session ($105)

One voucher may be used to cover co-pays totaling $100 when a congregant has insurance.

2. Consultation & Education

The Samaritan Counseling Center offers a wide array of consultation & education opportunities from clergy coaching, congregational consultation, educational presentations, premarital consultation, to business consulting. To simplify the voucher policy for our partner churches all vouchers used for consultation & education will now be valued at $100.

Please clarify with Samaritan staff the cost of the service before utilizing a voucher, but the following general guidelines will typically be followed:

• If the service cost is less than the $100, no refund is made.
• If the cost of the service exceeds the stated value of the voucher ($100) the church or client is expected to pay any remaining costs.

It is the Center’s desire to be as flexible and helpful regarding voucher use as is reasonably possible. To inquire about the number of vouchers your church has used year to date, or with any other questions about voucher use, please contact Dianna Thomas, Partner Church Administrator, at or call 717-560-9969, x256.


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