Award Criteria

Businesses and nonprofit organizations will be evaluated based on how they demonstrate the five principles below in their conduct with staff, customers, vendors, donors and the community. Individual nominees should be models and mentors for others as well as leaders in their business field. The award criteria are listed below as well as examples of how a business, organization or individual might demonstrate these criteria.

Principle of Conduct: Integrity

To conduct business with a firm adherence to an ethical code including consistency of word, action, honesty and regard for the standards of one’s industry or profession.

Key Concepts: Humility; Leadership; Credibility; Values-Driven Decision Making

Examples: Businesses and individuals might demonstrate this principle when they maintain a balanced and realistic sense of self; recognize and celebrate contributions and gifts of others; exemplify and model ethical behavior; ensure that actions are consistent with facts and policies; manifest trustworthiness; act with regard for the common good; and place principles before politics.


Principle of Conduct: Fairness & Justice

To strive for equality and mutuality by treating employees and business relationships justly and with respect.

Key Concepts: Fair Treatment; Fair Process & Action; Responsiveness

Examples: This principle might be demonstrated through fair pay policies and practices at all levels of the organization; by seeking and maintaining diversity in employees, managers and suppliers that strives to reflect diversity of the community; by maintaining consistent equal opportunity policies and practices for hiring and advancement; by promoting open and honest business interactions; and by striving to meet the needs of the underserved.

Principle of Conduct: Stewardship

To be careful and responsible in the management of something entrusted to one’s care.

Key Concepts: Commitment to the Environment; Stewardship of Resources; Collaboration; Commitment to Economic Growth

Examples: Organizations may demonstrate this principle if they set in place responsible environmental policies and actions; endorse environmental programs; foster sustainability; exercise strong fiduciary responsibility; practice fair and principled fundraising policies; pursue socially responsible investment policies; coordinate activities, share resources, and take actions to build the capacities of others for the common good; create new economic opportunities to sustain and grow their business; create value; and promote a just economy.

Principle of Conduct: Life-Enhancing

To conduct business in a way that advances life, increases and improves value, quality and desirability, and respects human rights.

Key Concepts: Wholeness; Empathy

Examples: This principle may be demonstrated when an organization encourages employee pursuit of enrichment activities outside of work; emphasizes health and health practices; works to give back to the community; strives to produce products and services that are life-enhancing; develops fair employment policies and practices; supports employees experiencing personal crisis; seeks to add and maintain diversity to the workplace; nurtures employees through staff training; promotes job training and skills building and respects human rights.

Principle of Conduct: Transparency

To be free from pretense, open and inclusive in its communications, responsible and accountable in its dealings, and loyal in its relationships.

Key Concepts: Accountability; Communication

Examples: This principle is visible when an organization promotes an inclusive strategic planning process; grants employees authority and responsibility to achieve strategic goals; develops mission statement and values that every employee knows, understands and lives by; maintains responsibility to shareholders including timely communication of and adherence to ethical standards, auditing and reporting procedures; maintains loyalty in its relationships to others and the community and commits to open communication with all stakeholders.

For more information on the Ethics in Business Awards, please call Anita Hanna, Director of Development, at 717-560-9969 x244 or email Anita