2008 Award Recipients

The Samaritan Counseling Center is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2008 Ethics in Business Award:

The Horst Group (for-profit business category);

St. Joseph Health Ministries (not-for-profit organization category); and

J. Gary Langmuir (individual business person category).

The three recipients were honored and celebrated at the Second Annual Ethics in Business Award presentation on June 19, 2008 at the Lancaster Country Club. With about 150 people in attendance, the event was a great success.

The presentation of the award recipients followed a keynote address by bestselling author and former University of Notre Dame professor, Dr. Tom Morris, entitled If Aristotle Ran General Motors. To learn more about Dr. Morris and the Morris Institute for Human Values, see www.morrisinstitute.com.

The five criteria for the Ethics in Business Award are: Integrity, Fairness & Justice, Stewardship, Life-Enhancing and Transparency. For more information on the award criteria, click here. For more information on the nomination and selection process, click here.

The Samaritan Counseling Center’s 2008 Ethics in Business Award recipients are:

For-Profit Business Category: THE HORST GROUP

The Horst Group is a privately owned, diversified corporation with three areas of business: Horst Construction; Horst Property Management; and Horst Insurance.


The Horst Group places a high value on the importance of business ethics and has adopted its Cornerstone to Ethical Behavior: Integrity/Honesty, Commitment, Confidentiality, Responsibility, Independence and Moral Courage. The Horst Group’s ethics philosophy begins with its vision statement, “Performing with a passion for excellence while doing the right things the right way.”

Beyond the Expected:

For The Horst Group, the work of ethics in business has been a transformational process over the past ten years, integrating ethical leadership and practices throughout the company. Spearheaded by Ethics Officer John Rose, Senior VP and CFO, the organization has introduced high ethical standards and successful practices into day-to-day operations.

At Horst, one business practice that stood out was the ethics training for new employees. “Ethics for Employees” is required training for all new employees. This comprehensive course introduces employees to the company’s ethics beliefs and expectations. The Code of Conduct is presented, a prepared video is viewed and the company’s “Cornerstones of Ethical Behavior” are discussed. At the completion of the ethics training, each employee commits to the code of conduct by signing a Horst Values Card. The training is continually reinforced through emails, company newsletters, employee meetings and monitors in the elevators and reception area.

An employee at The Horst Group shared an example of a tough decision that demonstrates the company’s value-driven decision making. In many companies, if an employee were to bring to light a mistake that would cost the company tens of thousands of dollars, that employee’s job could be in jeopardy. But at Horst, the employees know and understand the company’s values and when an employee did just that – he was awarded the company’s “Living Our Values Award” at a company-wide presentation.

Not-for-Profit Organization Category: ST. JOSEPH HEALTH MINISTRIES

St. Joseph Health Ministries is an organization dedicated to improving the health of children in need in Lancaster County and works directly with all 16 school districts in Lancaster County to provide oral health education and dental care to children.


St. Joseph Health Ministries has been described as deeply committed to its core values of reverence, integrity, compassion and excellence. Strong ethical values are central to this organization’s internal and external actions. St. Joseph Health Ministries was created after the sale of St. Joseph Hospital to carry out the services once offered by the hospital. St. Joseph Health Ministries identified the need to improve the health of children by providing oral health education and dental care and began the Brush.Brush.Smile! program in 2004.

Beyond the Expected:

An example of the strong values exemplified by St. Joseph Health Ministries was when the management supported their dental professionals in providing a particularly effective varnish for the children they were treating. Although the varnish is widely recommended for use to prevent decay in children’s teeth, it was not covered by Medicaid. Many other organizations providing dental care to low income families chose not to provide the treatment because the cost would not be reimbursed. St. Joseph Health Ministries decided instead to support their dental staff and the children they serve and provide the treatment – while becoming a strong advocate for Medicaid coverage of dental varnish applications for children.

Individual Business Person Category: J. GARY LANGMUIR

J. Gary Langmuir is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Wohlsen Construction Company. Mr. Langmuir began his career in construction in 1977 and joined Wohlsen Construction Company in 1980. He views his role as owner and leader of Wohlsen Construction Company as one of a steward, to assure that the company thrives so the legacy of the company and its values shall continue for future generations.

Gary Langmuir exhibits strong ethical behavior in his business activities and in his personal life. It is essential to act with the highest integrity in dealing with clients in order to satisfy their goals and to generate repeat business. Mr. Langmuir has accomplished this with his clients for decades. Mr. Langmuir also gives generously of his time on community Boards.

One of the most important values to Mr. Langmuir is openness in all dealings with employees and clients. When a client receives a bid from Wohlsen Construction Company, they receive a binder detailing all of the information that Wohlsen has available to them. Mr. Langmuir’s strong values drive the company by word and example.

For Mr. Langmuir, integrity is an essential value. As he says, without integrity, you have nothing. Throughout his career, he has set an example through his commitment to honesty and openness in all his dealings. He said that the respect of his wife and children is more important than anything else and serves as a guiding force for his values and his behavior.

For coverage on the Ethics in Business event, please see Recognized for Doing the Right Thing, originally published in the June 22, 2008 edition of the Sunday News.

For more information on the Ethics in Business Awards, please call Anita Hanna, Director of Development, at 717-560-9969 x244 or email Anita