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Education & Resources

The Samaritan Counseling Center’s professional program and clinical staff offer the following one-hour educational programs for your church or organization. For more information about any of these offerings or a customized workshop, please contact coordinator Dianna Thomas at 717-560-9969, extension 256.

Sleep:  The Forgotten Messenger of Well Being:
Judith Kennedy, MS, MA, NCC, LPC – Therapist
This presentation addresses sleep insufficiency as a national health concern, sleep as a basic building block of health, cultural perceptions and behaviors around sleep, sleep hygiene, and when to seek medical help.

Civility, Empathy and Well Being in Community Life:
Judith Kennedy, MS, MA, NCC, LPC – Therapist
Therapist Judith Kennedy addresses the health benefits of community connection, the challenges and rewards of true community, listening and being present with differences.

Caring for Others in a Highly Pressured World:
Judith Kennedy, MS, MA, NCC, LPC – Therapist
Addresses the challenges of our information age and how to set healthy limits, how to engage in mindful self-calming, grounding in the here and now, connecting with others and healthy activities.

Care for the Caregiver:
Judith Kennedy, MS, MA, NCC, LPC – Therapist
This presentation covers the challenges and rewards of being a helper; signs and symptoms of burnout; how burnout differs from compassion fatigue; obstacles to self-care; necessity of and ways to engage in self-care; identifying and utilizing resources; and mindfulness exercises.

Autism-Spectrum Disorders in the Congregation
Beth Mull, PsyD – Licensed Psychologist
This presentation reviews the symptoms and associated behaviors for persons with an autism-spectrum disorder. Diagnosis and treatment issues are addressed as well as supportive resources in the community, school, and place of worship.

Stress Reduction for Parents and Families
Beth Mull, PsyD – Licensed Psychologist
In this presentation, the ways in which chronic stress takes its toll on the body and mind are explored. Various protective factors and stress reduction techniques are also identified according to needs of the family unit, as well as specifically to children and parents.

Are YOU Talking to ME??? – Strategies for Managing Strong Emotions
Rhonda Myers, MS, NCC, LPC – Therapist
Intense emotions can provoke thoughtless, knee-jerk reactions. Managing strong emotions includes:

  • Understanding emotions, decreasing reactivity, and decreasing intensity
  • How to become a more capable problem solver
  • Developing the ability to manage intense negative emotions effectively.

Emotional Wellness – Characteristics and Skills for Emotional Health
Rhonda Myers, MS, NCC, LPC – Therapist
Just as physical health may be defined by several measures, emotional health includes several components:

  • Self-awareness and self-acceptance
  • Awareness and acceptance of a wide range of feelings within self and in others
  • Ability to verbalize and express feelings and to manage emotions effectively

Being Present During the Holidays
Lesley Huff, PsyD, Psychologist
The benefits of mindfulness and self-compassion during the hectic and stressful time of the holiday season.

Keeping Conflict Constructive
Lesley Huff, PsyD, Psychologist
Although conflict is a normal part of doing business, keeping it constructive can be a challenge. At its worst, destructive conflict can turn into workplace bullying and even violence. This interactive seminar will present strategies to create a culture where constructive resolution of conflict is fostered and sustained.

Moment to Moment ROI
Lesley Huff, PsyD, Psychologist
The pace of life, work and dealing with conflicting expectations keep raising the bar for all of us. This interactive seminar will present strategies to manage our time and resources within today’s fast-paced environment, and to decrease our vulnerability to the negative impact of stress on productivity and well-being.

Responding to the Process of Aging with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion
Lesley Huff, PsyD – Licensed Psychologist
The mental, physical, and emotional changes that we face as we age can be confusing and frustrating. Responding to these changes with mindfulness and self-compassion can help us to be more resilient as well as to identify when additional interventions are needed.

Daughters in Family Businesses
Lesley Huff, PsyD – Licensed Psychologist
With the increased representation of daughters in family businesses, it is important to understand how they experience the overlap of the family and business systems. Daughters may experiencing conflicting messages regarding the goals, expectations, and roles they should play in each system. In this presentation, the unique experience of daughters in family businesses will be explored, how this is different from sons, as well as specific strategies to manage their relationship with their families and their lives at work.

Understanding The Dynamics of Family Businesses
Lesley Huff, PsyD – Licensed Psychologist
Family businesses present a unique overlap of the family and the business systems. Sometimes the goals, expectations, and roles people play in each system can be in conflict. In this presentation, navigating the cross-over of the family and business systems will be explored, with suggestions for those working as family members and non-family members in family businesses, as well as those providing services to family businesses, such as legal, accounting, etc.



Teen Depression & Suicide

Implementing a proven teen-screening program in Lancaster County schools that identifies students struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and substance use.

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Child Sexual Abuse

Expanding the Center’s nationally-recognized Safe Church Program that provides education and training to future pastors, volunteers and staff working with children.

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Ethics in Business

We shine the spotlight on local businesses and organizations that “do well by doing good,” while our annual program provides resources for people looking to establish ethics best practices.

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