Enhancing Emotional Health Workshop Series

Enhancing Emotional Health
Skills to Improve Your Emotional Well-Being
Six-Week Skills Coaching Groups

People who are emotionally healthy are able to meet life’s challenges and recover from setbacks. This does not mean that they don’t feel sad, afraid, angry, or anxious, but that they use healthy coping strategies to help them get through the situation.  Emotional health includes how we think, how we manage emotions, how we cope with change, how we relate to others, and how we relate to ourselves.  This series of six classes will cover the following topics and teach skills to enhance your overall emotional well-being. 

Week One – Healthy Mind:  Mindfulness and Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies
Most of the time we operate on auto-pilot and are passive participants on the train of our thoughts. The practice of mindfulness builds the “inner observer” and helps to increase awareness of thoughts and feelings, rather than reflexively reacting to them. Increased awareness allows us to determine if those thoughts are accurate — or if they are distorted by anger, fear, or negative beliefs about self or others, etc. This class will introduce mindfulness practice and cognitive behavioral strategies to work with your thoughts and emotions.

Week Two: Healthy Emotions: Understanding How Our Brains Manage Emotion
Many of us feel as though our emotions run away with us and are unsure about how to regulate ourselves when having strong emotions. Understanding the ways that our brains create, manage, and process emotions can lead to clarity and peace. This class will explore specific ways that we can slow down our reactivity to our emotions and instead use our rational brains to support us.

Week Three – Making Healthy Changes:  Getting Unstuck
Life is a journey of many twists and turns and sometimes detours that may be unexpected and unwanted. Getting back on track can be very difficult causing us to reroute, postpone or even abandon our dreams and goals altogether. Everyone gets stuck now and then. This class will explore eight barriers that keep us stuck. Tools will be provided with the purpose of overcoming barriers and creating change that lasts.

Week Four – Healthy Relationships (Part One):  Understanding Relational Patterns and Attachment Distress
Our most important relationships are where we can feel most out of control with our emotions when distressed. Creating and maintaining a secure attachment to others is part of our survival as a species, and our brains react quickly to perceived “threats” to our attachments. These threats include feeling hurt, rejected, unimportant, disappointed, unsupported, betrayed, or abandoned. This class will help you understand your attachment style and the impact it can have in your relationships.

Week Five – Healthy Relationships (Part Two):  Understanding Dynamics Related to People Pleasing
People pleasing – or chronic niceness – drives people to accommodate, acquiesce, and avoid conflict. They take what they’re given rather than ask for what they want often sacrificing relationships, careers, and their own integrity. This class explores what drives people pleasing and presents practices that create resilient self-esteem, calmer emotions, reality-based optimism for the future, and ultimately more satisfying relationships.

Week Six: Owning Our Worth: Letting Go of Doubt
Most of us struggle with an inner critic who unrelentingly judges our actions. This can feel like a constant and exhausting battle to live up to unrealistic expectations. Living a peaceful and happy life means letting go of this critic and trusting our inner goodness to guide us. This class will identify ways to increase awareness of the critic and increase our sense of worth.

Instructors are Anne Allgyer, MA, LPC, Rhonda Myers, MS, NCC, LPC and Tere Villbrandt, MA, LPC.

The cost of the weekly class is $30.  Register for one, two or more.  Register for all six classes for a discounted price of $150 for the series.

For more information, contact Rhonda Myers at 717-560-9969, extension 253 or via email at rmyers@scclanc.org

Classes are held on Fridays from 7:30 am – 8:30 am in the Community & Training Room (lower level) at Samaritan Counseling Center, 1803 Oregon Pike, Lancaster.

2017 Schedule:

June 2 – July 7
July 14 – August 18
August 25 – September 29
October 6 – November 10

For registration information, please visit our events page.


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