Discernment Counseling

Discernment Counseling is appropriate for couples where one or both are considering whether to divorce. Frequently couples start marital counseling with a “mixed agenda” in that one person wants to preserve and repair the relationship and the other is uncertain as to whether they have the desire to work on the relationship and may be considering a separation/divorce. Discernment counseling is a way for couples to look at their options before making a decision about divorce. It differs from traditional couple therapy in that

1) the goal is not to repair the relationship but to determine if it can be repaired,

2) the process involves using most of each appointment individually with each person, and

3) is a short-term process, usually up to five sessions. The goal is to help couples gain clarity and confidence about their next steps, and to have a deeper understanding of what has happened in their relationship and the part they have each played.

Sessions are 1 ½ hours and are $150 (not covered by insurance). A short-term process (typically 1-5 sessions), a decision is made at the end of each session whether to meet again.

For more information about Discernment Counseling, click here.  To schedule, please contact Samaritan Counseling Center at 717-560-9969.



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