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“OI” for Congregations and Judicatories

Samaritan partners with Holy Cow! Consulting to Offer
Organizational Intelligence for Congregations and Judicatories
Using the Right Tools for the Job

Many may be familiar with the concept of “Emotional Intelligence” (EI), which refers to the ability to understand, interpret and respond to our own emotion and the emotions of others. Organizational Intelligence or “OI” describes a similar ability to understand, interpret and respond to the complex and unique emotional system of an organization. OI provides a structured way to measure and interpret the vitality, capacity, orientation and flexibility of an organization. CCC, through its collaboration with Holy Cow! Consulting, applies this approach to congregations and groups of congregations (middle judicatories) such as a diocese, synod, presbytery, etc.

For Congregations and Judicatories
Is your congregation or judicatory in the process of a pastoral transition? Is your call committee unsure how to match the needs and aspirations of parishioners with the skills and passions of candidates? Do you need to develop a new strategic plan or update your model of governance to fulfill your mission and enhance your church’s sustainability?

As a regional leader – do you lack a process to best match clergy and congregations? Do you wish you knew how to make evidence-based decisions about which congregations would be best served by an investment of regional staff time and resources? How about a map that shows you which congregations have the vitality and strength to serve as mentors to other congregations? Or which parishes are so depleted that even a huge infusion of time and resources won’t turn them around?

We can help!HWCU

Using the unique assessment tools available through Samaritan’s affiliation with Holy Cow! Consulting, leaders can gain valuable insight into the issues that may be floating beneath the surface. And, instead of relying on a piecemeal sampling of members, staff and/or committees for information and opinions about what is going on, leaders have access to the perspectives of an entire group or congregation. We use real-time system-wide organizational intelligence to form a comprehensive, three-dimensional view of the congregation or judicatory that reveals far more about your organization than could be gleaned from a patchwork of opinions and guesses.

Our OI processes provide a profile for the congregation or judicatory, identifying hidden strengths and vulnerabilities and revealing patterns of behavior that can limit the effectiveness of your organization. An ecumenical database of 1300 congregations that have participated in this assessment process over the last 7 years serves as a benchmark for congregations and helps to identify each congregation’s unique way of being. Judicatory level reports contain similar benchmarking based on the judicatories who have gone through an OI process.

Ready to learn more about how we can help your organization? Contact David Miron at or 717-560-1949 extension 108 to discuss your situation. We stand ready to apply Organization Intelligence to your leadership transition, strategic planning, staff development or other needs! We see ourselves as partners with you in the work and ministry in which you are engaged. Each situation is unique and our response is tailored to your situation. In many cases, after a discussion and/or meeting with key leaders, a Letter of Understanding will be developed and sent for signatures. For more involved situations we may submit a proposal prior to generating a Letter of Understanding. Once an LOU is signed the process begins.

In general, an OI process includes:

  • Meeting with a group of leaders to discuss the process
  • Providing a Quick Start Guide with step-by-step instructions for administering the assessments chosen
  • Interpretation session to help understand how to read the report generated by assessments
  • Follow-up Leadership discernment session to look at possible next steps for the organization

If your organization is anticipating or in the process of a leadership transition, the OI process will also include counsel and assistance to integrate the OI findings into the transition and maximize the value of the investment in the OI process.

Organizational Intelligence Reading Resources
For information on “OI” and how it can help your congregation or judicatory, click here for articles about “OI”.

Holy Cow! Website
To learn more about what Samaritan can offer through Holy Cow! Consulting, go to the Holy Cow Consulting website to see how organizational intelligence can transform your congregation or association.


CCC Testimonials and Key Initiatives

"I was so impressed (once again) with your insightfulness, your clarity, and your ability to communicate it all to us in a way that lit a fire under us all without singeing me (as pastor) or the congregation (Council). I am very hopeful about this as a springboard to the work we need and hope to do in the coming months.” - Senior Pastor

“I cannot say enough good things about the CAT and its meaningful impact on the life of our congregation. The insights gleaned from this tool--and from the Samaritan Counseling Center consultants --have helped our congregants see themselves and their potential with new eyes.” - UCC Pastor

“We utilized the CAT during our current pastoral transition period. The Samaritan Counseling Center consultants guided us through the CAT results giving us a deeper understanding of who we are as a congregation and how we can increase energy and satisfaction. Now we are in great position to search and call our next Pastor.” - Lay Leader

"Every time leaders in our congregation attempted to develop a Strategic Plan or engage in a discernment process we discovered "some people" were saying one thing while we knew at least a few other people had different opinions. The CAT provided us with better data. The results helped us more fully grasp both our blessings as well as our specific challenges." - Lutheran Pastor


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Every congregation is a complex and unique emotional system, and “Organizational Intelligence” (OI) provides a structured way to measure and interpret the vitality, capacity, orientation and flexibility of a congregation – or many congregations within a region.
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