Clergy & Congregation Care

Together in partnership with judicatories, congregations and congregational leaders, the Clergy and Congregation Care, or CCC, program* works to

  • Enhance the lives and spiritual journey of clergy and congregants
  • Expand the capabilities of judicatories, congregations and leaders
  • Envision new potential for personal and congregational transformation in an ever-changing culture.

CCC approaches its role from a systems-focused understanding of human organizations, providing a holistic way of partnering with judicatories, congregations and congregational leaders.

CCC provides:


Consultants may be utilized for many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Coaching clergy and lay leaders
  • Congregational assessment aimed at improving organizational effectiveness and performance
  • Clarifying an organization’s vision, mission and purpose through Appreciative Inquiry
  • Ministry Assessment for clergy and persons in an ordination process
  • Assistance with succession planning and transitions in leadership
  • Developing strategies to change behavior and/or improve processes
  • Learning and implementing new leadership or team building skills
  • Addressing challenging issues with teams, staff or leaders
  • Understanding the organization as an emotional system
  • Leading a change process that is anxiety producing for congregants
  • Best practices in prevention of child sexual abuse

For more information about or to arrange for consulting services, contact David Miron, CCC Coordinator at or 717-560-1949.


CCC, through an arrangement with Holy Cow! Consulting, provides evidenced based consulting services for congregations and judicatories. As the preferred interpreter in Central Pennsylvania of a range of assessment tools, CCC provides a structured way to measure and interpret the vitality, capacity, orientation and flexibility of a congregation – or many congregations within a region. CCC consultants will help you interpret the evidence-based data as well as assist the congregation or judicatory in exploring how to make use of the data to achieve a desired vision. Click here for more information.


CCC consultants facilitate customized workshops and half day, full day or multi-day retreats for staff or teams. The process begins with listening to understand your needs and interests and then co-planning the time your staff or team will be together. Follow up services such as leader coaching and additional facilitation are also available. For more information or to arrange to meet with a consultant, contact David Miron, CCC Coordinator at or 717-560-1949.


CCC Consultants offer a wide range of training and topical presentations/discussions. Typical topics are listed below. If you are looking for resources for a topic not listed, please contact David Miron, CCC Coordinator at or 717-560-1949. If CCC does not have the expertise in the topic, we will help you find someone who does.

  • “Intersections”—Boundary training for clergy & lay leaders (click here for information)
  • Team building – stages of a team’s development; Myer’s Briggs; Strength Finder
  • Conflict transformation – Learning how to have difficult conversations
  • Emotional Intelligence in relationships
  • Cultural Intelligence – cultural differences in communication and conflict – finding unity in diversity
  • Leading through questions—an approach to leadership that helps equip and develop others
  • Polarity management; living with spiritual paradox
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Leading change
  • Leading God-centered decision-making/discernment
  • Resiliency in ministry

CCC, as part of the Samaritan Counseling Center, can arrange for presentations on a variety of topics such as those listed below. If you are looking for resources for a topic not listed, please contact David Miron, CCC Coordinator at or 717-560-1949. If CCC does not have the expertise in the topic, we will help you find someone who does.

  • Stress Management
  • Mindful Self-Compassion
  • Parenting today


CCC provides many opportunities for clergy and non-clergy leaders to develop, deepen and enrich their leadership skills and perspective as follows.

  • Interactive seminars – From time to time, CCC offers seminars/workshops on topics relevant to the challenges facing leaders today. For information about the current congregational leadership series click here. Other events/seminars will be posted on Samaritan’s Events page.
  • Clergy Groups – CCC offers a variety of clergy groups and will organize topically focused groups by request. Clergy groups are facilitated by leaders trained in organizational systems and dynamics who have also served in congregations. Continuously running groups are ecumenical and provide a confidential place for clergy to share their struggles and challenges and support one another. For more information on the current list of clergy group options click here. If you are interested in setting up a clergy group focused on a particular topic, contact David Miron, CCC Coordinator at or 717-560-1949. Learn More.
  • Clergy Coaching – Leadership Coaching assists clergy to gain clarity, utilize strengths, understand the emotional dynamics in their congregation from a systemic perspective, and work more effectively with staff and lay leaders. Coaching will also assist clergy to examine their own inner responses and behaviors within the system and consider ways to be more healthy and/or effective. Learn More.
  • Spiritual Direction – Spiritual direction helps you to clarify and pay attention to what is happening between you and God, to grow in intimacy with God, self, and others, and to make high-quality decisions as you respond to God’s communication in your life. Learn More.


The Ministry Assessment Program (MAP) uses vocational and psychological assessment tools for those entering or re-evaluating vocation in ministry and provides assistance for individuals, congregations and middle judicatories.

  • On the individual level, MAP assists individuals in the process of discerning ministry vocation, lay persons and ordained ministers seeking mid-career vocational guidance and individuals seeking help with challenges faced in current ministry placement.
  • Congregations use MAP services to assist leaders and committees in making decisions when dealing with clergy experiencing difficulties.
  • On the judicatory level, church denomination leaders and ministry committees in the Mid-Atlantic region use MAP to help select and train candidates for church vocations.

In all cases the MAP approach is one of partnership: with the individual, congregation or judicatory. In the work with judicatories we provide feedback to judicatories and applicants to aid decisions regarding vocational direction and to give practical suggestions for personal growth. Our comprehensive assessment recognizes the many demands placed on those working in ministry.

In the MAP process, the individual and assessor explore:

  • Leadership style
  • Vocational preferences and satisfaction levels
  • Approaches to problem solving and coping
  • Interpersonal style
  • Gifts for ministry
  • Opportunities for growth

The process may include:

  • Structured clinical interview
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Career Assessment Inventory
  • 16 Personality Factors
  • Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory – 2nd Edition
  • Thematic Apperception Test
  • Intelligence Quotient Test

For more information, contact David Miron, CCC Coordinator at or 717-560-1949.


CCC, in conjunction with Samaritan Business Consulting, provides Human Resources/Personnel Polices auditing for regional associations and congregations.

There are numerous human resources/personnel compliance matters that congregations of any size must be aware of and comply with in addition to any regional association and/or denominational policies. It can be a daunting task to keep on top of complying with all of them, especially as new ones are added and existing ones change over time.  Being out of compliance with regulatory requirements could be quite costly for congregations.

Why conduct an HR/Personnel Policies Congregational/Association audit? Four primary reasons.

  1. An audit ensures that your regional association or congregation is in compliance with current regulations and in alignment with denominational requirements.
  2. Having an audit done shows that reasonable steps have been take to ensure compliance.
  3. Ensuring policies are in place helps to avoid difficulty and/or awkward conversations when issues come up and applicable policies have not been put in place.
  4. Instituting effective HR/personnel processes (hiring, performance appraisal, employee engagement, training and development) provides for the health and vitality of the congregation or association.

For more information about an HR/Personnel Policies audit and/or to make arrangements for such an audit, contact David Miron, CCC Coordinator at or 717-560-1949.


For Congregations: Our SafeChurch program is a nationally recognized program designed to assist congregations to shift their culture and be part of a national movement to end child sexual and other abuse. SafeChurch is also the go-to resource for satisfying and staying current with regulatory requirements. For information on how your congregation can be a SafeChurch and be part of the movement to end abuse of children and others, go to the SafeChurch web page by clicking here.

For Judicatories: SafeChurch will provide training for judicatories who wish to facilitate SafeChurch programs for their congregations. For more information on SafeChurch Facilitator training, click here.

*Samaritan Counseling Center’s CCC program is part of the Mid-Atlantic regional collaborative of Samaritan Centers. Clergy and Congregation Care programs offered by Samaritan Centers are resourced by national expertise and accredited through the Samaritan Institute in Denver, CO.

For a detailed list of services provided through CCC, please watch this page to see our soon to be released 2017 Brochure.

CCC Testimonials and Key Initiatives

"I was so impressed (once again) with your insightfulness, your clarity, and your ability to communicate it all to us in a way that lit a fire under us all without singeing me (as pastor) or the congregation (Council). I am very hopeful about this as a springboard to the work we need and hope to do in the coming months.” - Senior Pastor

“I cannot say enough good things about the CAT and its meaningful impact on the life of our congregation. The insights gleaned from this tool--and from the Samaritan Counseling Center consultants --have helped our congregants see themselves and their potential with new eyes.” - UCC Pastor

“We utilized the CAT during our current pastoral transition period. The Samaritan Counseling Center consultants guided us through the CAT results giving us a deeper understanding of who we are as a congregation and how we can increase energy and satisfaction. Now we are in great position to search and call our next Pastor.” - Lay Leader

"Every time leaders in our congregation attempted to develop a Strategic Plan or engage in a discernment process we discovered "some people" were saying one thing while we knew at least a few other people had different opinions. The CAT provided us with better data. The results helped us more fully grasp both our blessings as well as our specific challenges." - Lutheran Pastor


The annual Leadership Series offered by CCC presents topics relevant to the challenges facing leaders today.
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Clergy groups at Samaritan are ecumenical, promote collegial support, and are facilitated by leaders trained in organizational systems and dynamics who have also served in congregations.
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Every congregation is a complex and unique emotional system, and “Organizational Intelligence” (OI) provides a structured way to measure and interpret the vitality, capacity, orientation and flexibility of a congregation – or many congregations within a region.
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