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Executive Search/Staffing Assistance

Retained Executive Search is a consulting engagement dedicated to locating a candidate with very specific qualifications, skills, abilities and traits for a professional, supervisory, managerial, director or executive level position. We will search for the most qualified candidates in accordance with specifications and selection criteria defined with you. The search process can include the following:

  • Position description review/update
  • Competency / Job Behavior Profile defining the behavioral requirements for the position
  • Establishment of selection criteria and “behavior-based” interview questions
  • Resume / phone screening and candidate interviews
  • Interview summary and candidate presentation based on interview results
  • Candidate profile review and approval for assessment and in-person interview
  • Candidate personality / leadership style assessment and report presentation
  • Reference Checks
  • Interview consultation / preparation / assistance
  • Review of interview results and candidate selection
  • Assistance with offer preparation
  • Quality review after hiring

Retained Executive Search is a collaborative process. Our goal is to work collaboratively to achieve your objectives within the projected time frame.

Staffing Assistance
Whether you need to staff up a department, shift or entire location, or audit and improve your ability attract and hire qualified candidates, Samaritan Business Consulting has the resources to meet your needs.  Our staffing process audit looks at your entire process, from planning to fill through orientation and equips your hiring team with tools and training designed to meet your organization’s unique needs.  If your goal is to add short term in-house HR expertise find qualified candidates, our experienced Professionals can work on-site at your location of choice to meet your recruiting needs.

For more information, please contact Jim Weischedel, 717-560-2805, ext 107 or via email