The Samaritan Counseling Center’s mission begins and ends with people and our community.


Coaching can energize leaders, develop fast tracking stars or emerging leaders and turn around derailing employees. Our coaches serve as accessible, experienced partners, helping identify and develop untapped potential, resolve conflict and improve overall effectiveness.

Executive Coaching

Success individuals can improve effectiveness through one-on-one coaching, building on their positive characteristics and working to achieve both career and personal goals. Executives feel less isolated, gain clarity in decision making and expand their organizational impact.

Emerging Leader/Fast Tracker Coaching

These talented but inexperienced individuals offer great potential and seek great opportunities. We guide emerging leaders to achieve and develop within your company, reducing the risk that they will look elsewhere.

Performance Coaching

Change often derails valuable employees, individuals whose outplacement would carry a high emotional and economic cost. Performance coaching enables companies to realign employees to changing roles and continued service, saving organizations both expense and upheaval.

Our coaching experience is often supplemented by our professional assessment services. These assessments provide a firm base on which to build future growth, delivering a quantitative benchmark of strengths, skills, abilities and interests.

For more information on these services, contact Barry Frey at 717-560-2805.