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Center for Women in Leadership

Welcome to Samaritan Business Consulting (SBC) Center for Women in Leadership!

Samaritan Business Consulting’s (SBC) Center for Women in Leadership is committed to providing innovative and timely resources for women leaders, and those aspiring to become leaders. We focus on growing and developing women leaders to be able to contribute to a gender partnership intended to promote and optimize the full contributions of both men and women.

The Center for Women in Leadership recognizes the unique qualities women bring to the work environment. While others simply offer one-size-fits-all programs or unintentionally suggest women adopt masculine ways of being, our practices at The Center for Women in Leadership rise above gender bias to unlock the inherent potential gender brings. Using research-based design principles, SBC’s Center for Women in Leadership offers a variety of programs created specifically for women leaders. In our rich, supportive environment, women develop strong, values-driven, intentional connections to guide their work in any setting.

To view the Creating Connections and Leadership Development Programs for 2017, please click here.

For more information contact Amy Winslow-Weiss at or at 717-560-2805, extension 101.