The Samaritan Counseling Center’s mission begins and ends with people and our community.

Core Values

We believe professional, confidential counseling within a relationship of trust and respect provides the safe environment that is needed for healing.

We recognize and admire the courage it takes to ask for help. We are committed to walking with those in need of accompaniment at various stages of their life journeys. We envision abundant life for all people, and we strive toward that goal.

We believe that healing is an integrated process that encompasses the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual.

We are committed to working cooperatively with other healing professionals. We honor the role that faith or religion play in the healing process, and include it in our counseling with clients when it is desired and appropriate. We do not impose religious values or tradition on those who utilize our services. We trust in the spirit that embraces and values all life, and seek its embodiment in our work.

We are committed to the practice of hospitality by creating a safe and welcoming physical and emotional environment.

We strive to make our counseling offices warm and inviting, and our entire staff is devoted to helping people feel at ease. We are dedicated to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of those who seek our help.

We believe that relationships of integrity, sensitivity and openness foster health, healing and growth, and we work hard to have such relationships among our staff so that we can have them with the people we serve.

As therapists, administrative staff and medical professionals, we support and collaborate with one another to achieve our collectively high expectation of service to our clients. We endeavor to establish partnerships of trust and respect among ourselves, with our clients, with our partner churches and within the communities that we serve through our counseling, consulting and educational resources.

We are committed to the highest standards of excellence within the various disciplines we represent, and we actively pursue continuing professional education.

We also recognize the profound learning and growth we gain from the clients whom we serve when we respect the uniqueness of each individual. We believe that innovation and creativity are essential to the healing process, and we welcome the presence of these gifts in our work.

We are committed to managing our resources wisely in order to render cost-effective, high quality and compassionate care.

We value the generosity of the many donors and volunteers who make it possible for us to provide services at reasonable and, in some circumstances, reduced rates. We are dedicated to diminishing the economic concern many people face when in need of counseling. We work at developing multiple sources of support that include individuals, corporations, churches, foundations and financial planning for trusts, estates and gifts of stock.

We believe in the healing power of grace, hope and joy, and the potential for revitalization these qualities represent as we serve in our professional capacities with authenticity, humility and respect.

We are privileged to participate in the process of healing and growth through our counseling, consultation and education services. Our vision is for hope and healing in which fragmentation is transformed into wholeness, mourning into gladness and isolation into togetherness.


Teen Depression & Suicide

Implementing a proven teen-screening program in Lancaster County schools that identifies students struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and substance use.

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Child Sexual Abuse

Expanding the Center’s nationally-recognized Safe Church Program that provides education and training to future pastors, volunteers and staff working with children.

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Ethics in Business

We shine the spotlight on local businesses and organizations that “do well by doing good,” while our annual program provides resources for people looking to establish ethics best practices.

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